Michael Bergdahl Keynote Speaking Testimonials

Michael Bergdahl on stage in Toronto, Canada

Michael Bergdahl on stage in Toronto, Canada

“The feedback on your HEATKTE presentation at our campus has been overwhelmingly positive . . . you hit a home run.”
Robert C. Camp, Dean, Eberly College of Business & IT, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

“Your HEATKTE presentation captured the vision that we had when we set up the Stover Speakers Series Endowment. You very effectively gave 500 students the tools that will help them throughout their working lives. Keep talking and sharing your message – you are very good at what you do, and your enthusiasm is contagious.”
Regina & Dennis Stover, Donors and Creators of the IUP Stover Speakers Series Endowment

“I sincerely valued our time together, our discussions, and all of your words of wisdom. You are truly a role model, life coach and fantastic person. Thank you very much for being such a motivating, inspiring, and charismatic person!”
Bill Irons, Sales Operations Worldwide Services at Dresser-Rand

Bergdahl speaking in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Bergdahl speaking in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

“I have had the good fortune to work for a variety of wonderful managers, but the best leader that comes to mind is Michael Bergdahl, the Market Area VPHR at Waste Management. He was passionate about our mission and encouraged all of us to be integrally involved in our company’s business. He monitored HR’s success, traveled extensively and invested time in the field to assure that HR was making the impact and providing the level of service he desired and required. He was constantly coming up with new ideas for HR service and would always ask for input from his HR Team before introducing his ideas to the business. Once he decided to implement a new idea, he would require all of the Field HR Directors to commit to its success. On one occasion, for example, he asked us all to sign a “poster” symbolizing the new HR initiative, and he suggested we all hang the poster in our office as a continuous reminder of our commitment to that initiative. Bergdahl had a flair for the dramatic, and he appreciated fine nuance. Michael Bergdahl was a supportive and caring boss. On one occasion he needed to terminate a direct report that had violated company ethics. He could have been upset with the direct report, but instead he was saddened by the termination decision he had to make. During his tenure as VPHR, the organization’s leaders and employees were motivated to perform at a high level.
Mark Bopp, New York State, Field HR Director, Waste Management, Inc.


“Michael Bergdahl delivered an inspirational keynote speech lasting more than two hours. He addressed 1500 managers and executives of our state-owned Russian bank about the importance of standardizing bank operations, across all of our 20,000 branches. Michael spoke as naturally as though he were talking to a relatively small group of likeminded allies and he did it with exceptional ease and grace. His thorough preparation showed throughout the talk, as he drew parallels between operations of the world’s largest retailer and Russia’s largest bank. Michael is a great storyteller, and the Russian audience kept reciting his Sam Walton stories days after the talk.” Russian Bank Executive

“Michael, what a great pleasure to hear your stories! Storytelling is a lost art, and you’ve brought it back to life!”
Kreta Chandler, Manager, Hewlett-Packard

“Michael is a true professional and very easy to work with. He is very committed and provides you with all the information you need in front of a conference – articles, photos, etc. to help marketing. When giving a speech he is energetic, extremely interesting to listen to, takes time to answer questions, and he really gives of himself to the audience. He will absolutely make every audience happy! “
Jennie Heidenfors, Exhibition Manager, easyFairs, Sweden

“We were much impressed by the Walmart machine and its capabilities. We were also delighted with your energetic delivery, and your very motivational way of getting the messages and insights across. On behalf of myself and my entire team – thanks a lot for an excellent master class!”
CEO, Scandinavian Grocery Retailer

“Your speaking ability coupled with your exceptional experience with great leaders gives you something that everyone who wants to succeed should hear.”
Lou Holtz , Head Football Coach, Notre Dame 1986-1996


Audiences at two keynote speech presentations gave Michael Bergdahl this outstanding rating

Audiences at two keynote speech presentations gave Michael Bergdahl this outstanding rating


“An excellent presentation regarding the business model, management system, and culture of Walmart, along with insights into Sam Walton’s leadership style.”
Mauricio Morillo, Executive Vice President, EKOS Corporation, Quito Ecuador

“It was a privilege to meet you, and I thank you for speaking at our events. Our team gained insightful value and our retailers provided excellent feedback. We look forward to applying what we’ve heard from your expertise.”
Bryan Hynes, Managing Director, AMP Capital Shopping Centres, Australia

“Sam Walton would be proud of you!”
Roger Corbett, Former CEO Woolworths, Australia; Current Member: Walmart Board of Directors

“Your presentation was dynamic and a great lesson for the participants at our “LOAD.11” Logistics Conference in Oslo, Norway. You gave of yourself and your knowledge both on the stage, and in the breaks, when you spent time with all the participants, and gave them an opportunity to speak with you.”
Kjersti Pedersen, Bring Norway Postal Service

Michael Bergdahl on stage in Australia

Michael Bergdahl on stage in Australia

“Michael Bergdahl’s speech was a big hit during our annual conference. He was very effective in communicating how Walmart’s mission and vision applied to our own mission and vision. His strategic insights, style, examples, and energy were instrumental in getting the point across. We are very happy and honored to have had Michael as a keynote speaker.”
Ruben Cors, Corporate Director of Strategy, Casas GEO, Mexico

“Michael Bergdahl is a true expert on Walmart and how to compete in a Walmart world. His inside experience as an executive with the world’s largest retailer, and his engaging speaking style, make for an educational and compelling presentation. I’ve enjoyed his work and learned from his insights.”
Mark Sanborn, Internationally Acclaimed Motivational Speaker, Author of the best selling book, The Fred Factor

“Michael Bergdahl’s master class was definitely the most successful out of all of the events we have organised in the Balkans in the past few years! His master class about “Wal-Mart’s Best Practices” attracted an audience from different industries and different profiles: marketers, sales people, HR professionals, retailers, and executives. The audience stayed engaged throughout his day long presentation listening to his vivid, practical, and inspiring presentation. We received tons of thankful e-mails and compliments from our events’ guests, and we could not have been happier for having Michael over.”
Dusko Ugrinostki, Triple S Learning – Serbia & Macedonia

“Michael’s full day master class in Kuala Lumpur was a blend of solid content, great stories, and humor. Bergdahl’s dynamic presentation skills held everyone’s attention through four 90 minute sessions! During the breaks he even walked around and spoke with audience members, and answered individual questions! Many of those who attended asked to have their picture taken with him at the end of the day! I highly recommend Michael Bergdahl as a world class presenter!” Amin Rais, Conference Producer – Malaysia

“I must once again congratulate you on your truly outstanding presentation at the Fruit & Veg City 2010 Conference in Cape Town, South Africa. I have been to many motivational presentations but yours certainly ranks amongst the best ever. Congratulations and well done!”
F.M.Hirsch, Chairman, Freddy Hirsch Group Ltd., South Africa

“Your message was perfect for our graduates. It was wonderfully delivered and conveyed a sense of optimism and pride, to our graduates and their families alike. It was interesting to see how easily you engaged the audience to participate in verbally affirming your positive message. Your address marked the first time a commencement speaker received a standing ovation from our graduates.”
Gary B. Keefer, Chancellor, Penn State University

Bergdahl taking questions in Skopje, Macedonia

Bergdahl taking questions in Skopje, Macedonia

“I really enjoyed your presentation in Beijing. Several folks, even those from Wal-Mart, mentioned how well you did. One going so far as to state, “I wish I had my whole (Wal-Mart) team here, this would have been great training for them!” VP Sales for a Global Logistics Company

“Your Message is Powerful!”
Edward Ray, Head of National Sales – Coca-Cola Russia

“Michael Bergdahl provides a glimpse into the “Wal-Mart Big Box” that only an insider could provide. He has written a great book around the acronym P.O.C.K.E.T.S which unveils the detailed secrets behind Wal-Mart’s competitive strategies and tactics. In his speech, his stories about Sam Walton and the Wal-Mart culture provided Tesco’s leaders and our top suppliers with competitive ideas we can implement in our businesses in Ireland. Bergdahl is a ‘Wal-Mart Authority’ who is open and honest about what it takes to compete, survive and thrive in direct competition with Wal-Mart or any other aggressive competitor. He took the time to meet with our attendees and even conducted an extensive Q&A session at a luncheon following his speech. I highly recommend him as an International speaker to other retailers, non-retailers manufacturers and suppliers who are looking for a competitive edge.”
Paul Slevin, Director of Food & Impulse, TESCO Ireland

“Many thanks for a sensational session, you brought the conference home in a way that only someone of your caliber and experience could. All of our members and suppliers did enjoy your talk and got a lot out of it. My members, suppliers and staff are pumped up and filled with optimism for the future, and I am extremely pleased as your comments validated the strategy we have developed for these Pharmacies.”
John J Koot, Executive Director, Chemmart Pharmacies®, Australia

“Wal-Mart is one of the most recognizable brands in the world today, yet much of it’s success remains a mystery to many people. Michael Bergdahl provided the audience with a fascinating look inside this incredibly successful company. His natural ability to share stories and engage the audience, really bought to life not only how Wal-Mart operates but the man behind the brand, founder Sam Walton. I would highly recommend any company looking to think outside the nine dots and understand the power of innovation and unconventional thinking, engage Michael to speak.”
Carson White, ICMI Speakers Bureau (Australia)

“On behalf of the Texas Bankers Association, thank you for your great presentation at the 123rd Annual Convention & Exposition. Our attendees gained valuable information and insight from your presentation. Your topic, How to Compete and Thrive in a Wal-Mart World was of huge importance and interest to all of the bankers. I look forward to working with you again!”
Kimberly Pargin, Professional Development Specialist, Texas Bankers Association

Bergdahl on stage in Caracas, Venezuela

Bergdahl on stage in Caracas, Venezuela

“As Wal-Mart goes so goes the retail industry. The trouble is that insight into the Bentonville behemoth is hard to come by. Insiders don’t talk, which is why the knowledge Michael Bergdahl brings to his presentations is invaluable. Bergdahl was the opening keynote speaker for our biggest executive summit of the year in 2007. He knows how Wal-Mart became Wal-Mart. And his intimate knowledge of Sam Walton, who Bergdahl worked for, adds color and richness to his well-spun stories.”
Joe Skorupa, Group Editor-in-Chief, RIS News

“Michael Bergdahl was an easy choice when we were determining this year’s Keynote Speaker. Bergdahl’s experience in retail and with Sam Walton was a natural fit for an association whose life blood is the retail community. However, what was surprising to all in attendance was his means of adapting a message to our members and his desire to provide insight into an industry that has various nuances. Bergdahl was a spectacular start to a very memorable Spring Conference.”
Daniel C. Borschke, CAE, President/CEO, NARMS International

“The Leading Edge Conference in Mont Tremblant (Quebec, Canada) was a fantastic event. The feedback we received from the attendees on-site and post conference was overwhelmingly positive! Thank you for sharing your insight and expertise. I look forward to working with you again in the future!”
Lorraine Mazza, VP, International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC)

“I want to thank you for your time and your presentation here in Venezuela about how to compete & thrive in a Wal-Mart World. Most of the messages about Sam Walton’s legacy are very applicable in this part of the world, especially his focus on Wal-Mart’s customers, his six rules of success directed to employees/people and his view of suppliers as valued partners. The thought that “high expectations are the key to everything” is something we need to have in mind every day.”
Eduardo Benatuil, President, Heinz-Venezuela

Bergdahl on stage in Istanbul, Turkey

Bergdahl on stage in Istanbul, Turkey

“Your insight on the Wal Mart business case is inspirational, a good story in discipline, minimizing waste and setting a gold standard on supply chain excellence. However, sharing your story on how you converted your personal family situation into an opportunity and wrote your first book is even more inspiring.”
Ashok Bhaseen, M.Pharm, MBA – Director, National Accounts Ims Health Canada

“Michael Bergdahl speaks with enthusiasm and expertise. The small business owners in the audience were especially invigorated by his remarks. They appreciated the insights into how Wal-Mart works and the applications that could be transferred to their own businesses.”
Ellen Sherberg, Publisher, St. Louis Business Journal

“Michael’s analysis of Wal-Mart’s case is lucid and inspirational at the same time. It gave me and my top leadership a great example of how amazing and consistent results can be achieved also thru Focus and Simplicity.”
Andrea Ragnetti, CEO Philips Domestic Appliances and Personal Care

“We have heard so much positive feedback regarding your presentation!! Our members walked away feeling they learned valuable information they can use in their business when implementing a plan of action. Thanks again for a wonderful educational session!”
Missy Najolia, Event Manager, Louisiana Oil Marketers & Convenience Store Association

“Your presentation was great and you are a talented speaker.”
Bob Ballantyne, Global Beverage Group

“Thank you very much for you contributions to the Axess Brand meeting. Your presentation was very enlightening. The top retailers in Turkey did certainly enjoy listening to the ‘Bird Dawg’ of Sam Walton Fame. We learned a lot from his experiences at Wal-Mart.”
Hakan Binbasgil, Executive Vice President Akbank/Axess, Istanbul, Turkey

“I would like to thank you for speaking at our SNAXPO 2005 Convention and Exposition. We are committed to providing timely and professional information to the snack food industry and your knowledgeable presentation delivered just the right message to our audience. Thank you again for your excellent presentation.”
James McCarthy, President & CEO Snack Food Association

Michael Bergdahl on stage in Lima, Peru

Michael Bergdahl on stage in Lima, Peru

“Michael’s presentation unveils the model and vision of Sam Walton and helps others understand how it applies to them. Most people forget that Wal-Mart did not become what it is today based solely on price; but rather started as a single store with the commitment to outstanding service. Any retailer today can gain useful insight from Bergdahl on how to better their company’s performance and ultimately compete against the Wal-Mart’s of the world. If you are a retailer of any kind, you want to hear Michael’s message.”
Michael Robbins, Director of Marketing, Cequent Towing Products

“Mr. Bergdahl’s presentation was most topical and addressed a critical challenge in our industry. The audience was enthused by the message and was able to take away workable ideas and meaningful thoughts.”
David Tucker, SVP Industry Relations, National Association of Convenience Stores

“Your “P.O.C.K.E.T.S.” speech at our annual meeting exceeded our expectations. I heard nothing but positives from everyone who attended. One of our petroleum marketers expressed it best, saying he was “spellbound”. Thanks for being so easy to work with and for your contribution to making our convention a great success!”
Bobbi Wettach, Meeting Planner, Mississippi Petroleum Marketers & Convenience Store Association

“He’s a sales and service guy who know how to motivate people to reach their full potential. Speaking from his hands on experience, he inspires people to give that extra effort that yields big results. If you haven’t heard him, you’ve got to hear him speak!”
Roger Dow, SVP Global & Field Sales, Marriott International

“Dynamic, exciting, no nonsense, no pie in the sky, no wishful thinking but nuts and bolts, guts and glory as to how to become successful delivering your product to the world…speaking directly to people, communicating directly to people, with a timely and important message.”
Richard Blockson, Bell Atlantic Yellow Pages

“Michael Bergdahl is not a public speaker…he is a storyteller…every great speaker is a storyteller. He makes a point and tells a story. Whether it’s a keynote, luncheon or after dinner speech, Bergdahl might very well be your man!”
Bill Gove, First President of the National Speakers Association

Michael Bergdal on stage in Bogota, Colombia

Michael Bergdal on stage in Bogota, Colombia

“When was the last time a speaker held your attention for three hours?”
Jim Barr, Nationwide Insurance

“Your presentation was right on target for our group. You have an ability to make the stories come alive and relate to the audience.”
Al Pell, Anchor, AgDay Television

“By understanding exactly what I was looking for, you provided us with an extremely informative and entertaining presentation. Thank you for your expertise.”
Marlo Alpern, BASF Corporation

“We have been extremely pleased with the reaction from attendees – high marks all around for your program content…your participation was key. Congratulations on a job well done!”
Rebecca Mangan, The Electrification Council

“Your presentation was terrific! There were a lot of nuggets there…your stories really brought ideas to life!”
Jay Liebowitz, Professor, Organizational Behavior & HRM, Duquesne University

“Your keynote presentation met and exceeded every expectation! You were dynamic and motivational. Your expertise made a difference in the lives of many people.”
Vaughn Benjamin, Vice President, Media Credit Association

“Your talk was not only captivating but really drove home many of the principals from a real world perspective. Your discussions were insightful, educational and entertaining.”
Mark Ciccarelli, Attorney

“I want to thank you for the exciting and instructive presentation you gave. For your major contribution to the success of our anniversary meeting we will be eternally grateful!”
Jim Connor, Executive Vice President, American Yarn Spinners Association

“Your presentation and materials were excellent. The Sam Walton stories were some of the favorites.”
Tim Boender, Regional Sales Manager, Farmland Industries

“You are eminently professional. The ideas you express and materials are cutting edge.”
Sam Foreman, Former CEO & President, County Seat Stores

“Your presentation fit the bill exactly! Your experiences and insights gave everyone something to take away and apply.”
Kendra Resler, President, Mid America NAMA

“Your presentation was right on target. Your energy level and your sense of humor added to each workshop.”
Florence LaHood, Advertising Manager, Agway Retail Services

“I have never been more impressed by either a program or the presentation of it!”
Cheryl Swineheart, Employers Association of Western Michigan

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