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whatilearned-bpWhat I Learned From Sam Walton:
How  To Compete And Thrive In A Walmart World

Strategies that made Walmart the world’s largest company

“You can almost hear Sam Walton himself coaching and inspiring his legion of employees to greatness.”
–Tracy Mullin, President and CEO, National Retail Federation

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10rules-bpThe 10 Rules of Sam Walton:
Success Secrets for Remarkable Results

Tactics that made Sam Walton the world’s richest man.

“A must read for every business tyro and professional. The book reveals the secrets of successful marketing that built the world’s largest retail chain.”
Amazon.com Book Review

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samwaltonway-bpThe Sam Walton Way:
50 of Mr. Sam’s Best Leadership Practices

One-stop shopping for everything you ever wanted to know about the Sam Walton Way!

“Fast, excellent read that serves as a reminder of what we should be doing!”
– Clinton Plunkett, Supervisor
Health & Wellness Center, Walmart

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heatke2-mdHigh Expectations Are The Key To Everything

This book isn’t about how to bring out the best in others; it’s about how to bring out the best in YOU!

In this inspirational book, Michael Bergdahl explains how he and his wife Sheryl overcame adversity and achieved their goals in life – how they did it and how others can do it too.

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Putting Employees First

This book packs a powerful message for leaders: the true worth of your leadership legacy will be measured by how well you treated people along the way.

In his latest book, released in March, 2018, Bergdahl explores and explains the importance of putting your most valuable asset – your people – first. Focusing on employees first, customers second, and profits third is the path to success.

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