The 10 Rules Of Sam Walton

Michael Bergdahl’s Book, “The 10 Rules Of Sam Walton” gives you an unprecedented inside look at Mr. Sam’s rules for entrepreneurial success!


10rules-lg“Every month my staff of 34 employees will read a book for motivation and inspiration. I just wanted you to know that we have chosen your book, The 10 Rules of Sam Walton, for this month’s selection. We picked your book because of its motivation and inspiration of sales advice, teaching us how to go above and beyond the competition, as well as how to get customers and hold on to them. Your book gives much wisdom and knowledge of lessons that might take a lifetime to learn. Our employees look forward to reading these books each month, and I just wanted to say thank you for inspiring my staff!”
Matthew J. Rettick, Founder & CEO, Covenant Reliance Producers LLC

“The 10 Rules of Sam Walton is one of those books that should be read and regularly reread by . . . everyone-business-people, students, teachers, parents, and children. It transcends the limits of a traditional book about lessons in business and makes it a book about life and about successful living!” – J. K. Knapp III, former Wal-Mart store manager,current manufacturer and supplier to Walmart

“In the book “10 Rules of Sam walton”, the author Michael Bergdahl does a great job explaining what philosophies drove Sam into building the empire that he ended up building. ” Patrick Betdavid in his summary/review of this book

Sam Walton, the founder of Walmart, is the most successful entrepreneur in the history of the world. Yet to his dying day, he believed that everyone had something to teach him.

He would engage in conversation with people he’d never spoken to before, asking pointed questions and then quietly listening to others talk about their success. Most of the time, Sam would take notes for use later. He used this same approach when dealing with employees or customers.

What lay behind his success?

During his career, Sam developed a list of what he considered the most important rules for entrepreneurial success. As far as he was concerned, there were 10 Key Result Areas which he considered pivotal to his own success, and those rules are the basis of Bergdahl’s book, The 10 Rules Of Sam Walton:

Rule 1 – COMMIT to achieving success and always be passionate

Rule 2 – SHARE SUCCESS with those who have helped you

Rule 3 – MOTIVATE yourself and others to achieve your dreams

Rule 4 – COMMUNICATE with the people and show you care

Rule 5 – APPRECIATE and recognize people for their effort and results

Rule 6 – CELEBRATE your own and other’s accomplishments

Rule 7 – LISTEN to others and learn from their ideas

Rule 8 – EXCEED EXPECTATIONS of customers and others

Rule 9 – CONTROL EXPENSES and save your way to prosperity

Rule 10 – SWIM UPSTREAM, be different, and challenge the status quo

Each of these rules is easily understandable and can be duplicated by all company leaders. But, like so many things Walmart does, they require a high degree of organizational discipline to implement. Often, it is the breakdown in execution of the strategies, not the strategies themselves, which lead to business failures. In The 10 Rules Of Sam Walton, Bergdahl shows readers how Walmart does it, and how they can too.

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