The Sam Walton Way

Michael Bergdahl’s Book, “The Sam Walton Way” outlines 50 of Mr. Sam’s best leadership practices. These are proven tactics and techniques you can use in your business today.


The Sam Walton Way by Michael BergdahlThe Sam Walton Way is the ultimate insider’s course in business success. Each of the 50 individual Best Practices of Sam Walton are still in use at Walmart today. Whether in good times or today’s tough economic times, you’ll find Bergdahl’s lessons from America’s greatest retail genius are not only relevant, but may be just what your business—and your life—needs in order to see you reach your goals.

“Michael Bergdahl has taken what he learned from years of working with Sam Walton and has produced a sharply written, inspirational book about reaching your goals, succeeding in business and life, and beating the competition.” – Kathie McGuire, director of Brighton Publishing LLC

“I just picked up “The Sam Walton Way: 50 of Mr. Sam’s Best Leadership Practices” and I want to recommend this short read by Michael Bergdahl. When I took the Walton Institute of Retailing class, I saw that he is one of the suggested authors for further study. However, I’ve also gotten to know him through LinkedIn and was impressed at the way he leveraged not only his Walmart experience, but the experiences of current leaders and associates from his “Sam Walton’s Best Practices” group to create a new, to the point, fresh take on Mr. Sam’s leadership practices.

If you don’t have a lot of time to read I’d still suggest picking this up, it breaks the best practices down into a “What Would Sam Do” format. Section one almost looks like a blueprint for our current stated focus: bench strength, accountability, empowerment, budget, focus. The “Focus” best practice reminds us to have one shared agenda: the customer. I think this is a book I’ll keep around especially if I start to drag and need a ‘pep talk’.” – Clinton Plunkett, Supervisor Health & Wellness Center, Walmart

Michael Bergdahl says: On July 2, 1962, Sam Walton opened his first Walmart Store in Rogers, Arkansas and in 2012 Walmart celebrated its 50th anniversary of that accomplishment. In recognition of Mr. Sam’s fifty year leadership legacy I felt it was important to recognize this milestone by capturing his best practices for posterity. I was fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with, and around, Sam Walton, the founder of Walmart. That’s how I learned that “THE SAM WALTON WAY” IS “THE WALMART WAY!”

In this book, The Sam Walton Way, as a tribute and to commemorate Mr. Sam’s 50 year leadership legacy, I have captured 50 of his best leadership practices. It is the foundation of his leadership that has led Walmart to become what it is today, the World’s Largest Company.

Mr. Sam’s leadership philosophies, values, strategies, and tactics have remained the foundation of the Wal-Mart culture for fifty years! Amazingly, Mr. Sam, a small town retailer from Arkansas, transformed the way business is conducted around the world with his paradigm busting leadership strategies and tactics.

In The Sam Walton Way: 50 of Mr. Sam’s Best Leadership Practices, based on my first hand observations and discussions with others who worked with Mr. Sam, I review 50 of what I consider to be his most important “What Would Sam Do (WWSD), Best Leadership Practices.”

You might say, this book is “one stop shopping” for everything you ever wanted to know about The Sam Walton Way!

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