What I Learned From Sam Walton

Michael Bergdahl’s Book, “What I Learned From Sam Walton – How To Compete And Thrive In A Walmart World” details strategies, tactics, and ideas you can put to work for your business today!


What I Learned From Sam Walton by Michael Bergdahl“Learn the detailed “secrets” of Walmart’s success. A must read for any business person! Bergdahl’s energy as a speaker shines through in this book!”
Rich Tiller – President, Professional Speakers Network; Past President – International Association of Speakers Bureaus

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The late Sam Walton began his march to retailing supremacy by building stores in rural areas across the southern United States. After establishing himself and gaining momentum, he began his expansion campaign in the west, north, and northeast – using his innovative business techniques to catch his competition flatfooted. Walton was innovative, visionary, and hardworking, but these weren’t the only traits that enabled him to take Walmart to the top of the retailing world.

If you want to compete in today’s Walmart world, what better way to improve your business than to learn from the strongest and fastest competitor? In “What I Learned From Sam Walton”, author Michael Bergdahl uncovers and unravels the principles, culture, and secrets of Walmart’s unprecedented success in a way that no one else can.

As a former director under Sam Walton, Bergdahl draws upon his firsthand observations of Walton, his company, and its executive team to help you adapt Walmart’s best practices and principles to your own organization.

With an insider’s perspective, Bergdahl peels back the cultural layers of Walmart and gives you a glimpse into the mind of the founder of the world’s largest retailer.

He also shares seven effective strategies you can take from Walmart to build your business. These seven strategies are illustrated by the acronym P.O.C.K.E.T.S. – because to compete effectively you have to carve out a niche or business “pocket” for your company.

Each aspect of the P.O.C.K.E.T.S. strategy is fully examined, with the author devoting an entire chapter to each tactic – Price, Operations, Culture, Key Item Promotion/Product, Expenses, Talent, and Service

In each chapter, you’ll be introduced to some of the inside strategies and tactics utilized by Sam Walton and Walmart.

Walmart’s success strategies and tactics are easy to understand, yet hard to duplicate. What I Learned From Sam Walton offers a portrayal of Walmart’s strengths and provides strategies, tactics, and ideas you can implement today that will enable you to compete.

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